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Two-legged swine hams it up in Anhui

BEIJING – Just in time for the Christmas season, when piggish habits make us all wonder how we’re going to carry around that new holiday weight, comes this story of one strong pig.

Hailing from China’s central Anhui province and born in July without its two hind legs, this two-legged wonder nicknamed “Strong Pig” has caused a stir online here with the strange walking technique it has adopted to get around the farm. Hiking its body almost 90 degrees up in the air, Strong Pig has learned to balance its over 66 pounds of pork on its two front legs and wobble around.

Impressed by the new-found porcine gait, Strong Pig’s owner has let the animal live freely on the farm and separately from the drove of pigs he keeps. He is also seeking someone who can adopt Strong Pig and give it a new home.      

Now that’s one little piggy that won’t be going to the market.

Hat tip to Shanghaiist for the great video.