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Obama lookalike pitches for KFC in Hong Kong

Ok. We know the mainland Chinese have a thing for imitation goods.

But Hong Kong?

Thanks to the folks over at ChinaSmack, we’ve learned a little belatedly that a U.S. President Barack Obama lookalike was used in a KFC television ad to promote a new Fish Fillet Soft Roll. (The commercial was aired for a limited time in Hong Kong only just ahead of Chinese President Hu Jintao’s state visit to the U.S. last month.)

Change is good, says the advert.

He better believe it.

After all, he’ll be sending a new ambassador to China in the spring.

Btw, Yum Brands – a Louisville, KY, company which owns KFC – posted higher than expected quarterly earnings yesterday. It gets a third of its revenue from China, where it operates more than 3,700 restaurants, mostly KFC outlets.